Sunday, July 13, 2008


When I get something in my mouth, something really good like a stick or a toy (sometimes even a really smelly sock will do), I get this wonderful feeling inside. I get so happy and so excited that I have this neat toy, that I just NEED to show people what it is and how excited I am (Mel says its a golden thing. I don't know if thats good or bad :S). I run up to the nearest person, tail wagging out of control and I grumblesnort! I woof, I grumble, I snort, I wiggle because I'VE GOT A TOY AND YOU NEED TO KNOW!!!!! Its this wonderful feeling, this euphoric wigglefest. And, whether its a 'golden thing' or not, I know you like it. I see the smiles and the laughing when I run from person to person showing my newest treasure. YOU LOVE IT!

And yesterday, at the PADS Puppy-Pity-Party, a party for all the pups going into advance training, Tara tells me that my grumblesnorting is equivalent to you human's laughter. So really, when I grumblesnort my headoff it means I'm laughing like an idiot and obviously really enjoying myself.

So if you see a golden like me approach with alot of vigour and noise, check to see if we have something in our mouths. Chances are we're not being nasty, we're probably just laughing!

Off to play in the sun!



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