Sunday, June 1, 2008

Work Hard to Play Hard!

I see ALOT of people in my line of work and y'know what some of them say? That its "mean" to make me work. That I should get to "be" a puppy. I don't get it. Just because I get to wear a nifty cape doesn't mean I am any less of a puppy and most of the time I love my job! Sure, sometimes its hard and sometimes I wish I was at the dog park rolling in the fields with my dog-friends, but don't you? You can't tell me that every day at work they have to drag you away from your desk because you're having so much fun. People don't seem to understand that I'm just like them, that I go home, take off my cape and then I can do whatever I want! (Well almost whatever I want, M&M don't seem to fond of me rolling in doggy-doo or eating rocks. Silly people don't know how to let loose!).

I even get to go on vacations! A couple weeks ago Mike took me to the island on that odd "fairy" thing again to go on a BOYS ONLY fishing trip (I felt bad leaving poor Melissa cause I know she loves our nightly puppy-snuggles, but hopefully the kitty kept her company. Not as good as me, but a good stand in). We were gone for a whole week and I barely had to wear my cape and work at all! I zoomed up and down the beach, I chewed on MILLIONS of sticks and I even went swimming for the first time! I got to meet my Grandpa Rick, and boy was he fun! He let me sit in the front of the boat with him and even let me sniff his fishies a little! I got dirty and wet and there were SO many neat things to sniff! I felt like a kid in a candy store it was GREAT! When we got back home, I was refreshed and ready to work again. Everyone at PADS was happy to see me and said I was way bigger than when they saw me a week ago. Must be the sea air.

I had alot of fun fishing, but I have lots of fun at work too. I take my job very seriously and work hard for those treats, but I also recognize the benefit of a good vacation! You have to work hard to play hard!

Woof Woof!


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Tara said...

Linky -- You DA MAN!!!! I'm so glad to hear you had a great vacation and that you love your job -- it sure shows!! Keep that tail wagging little man.

Tara (and Maisie k'daisy)