Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back to School!

The last few days have been an absolute blur. Yesterday Mel took me to this giant store with tons of papers in it and made me stand in line for HOURS to buy some piles (don't know what anyone would want that much paper with silly black squiggles on it...some of the pictures are neat though!). Then she whisked me off to ANOTHER line to get a purple plastic thing she says she needs to get us home on the bus. Personally, I think my winning smile and rugged good looks could get us on the bus for free, but Mel seems to think otherwise. Finally we went home, and I thought we'd get some play time in, but Mel sat down with those silly piles of paper and wouldn't take her nose out. You'd think there was a pile of Rollover in there (and there wasn't I checked!). I entertained myself with the kitty while M&M weren't looking and was whisked into my kennel to sleep.
Imagine my surprise when Mel opens my door at 6:30am. What the heck are we doing up so early?! I yawn and scratch and take my time, and can tell Mel is getting irritated. She practically shoves my kibbles down my throat and then BAM we're flying out the door. I can't understand what she's so excited about. Why are we up so early?
After a lengthy bus ride, which I got to snooze in thank goodness, we arrive at 'university'. There are tons of people with strange humps on their back (come to think of it, Mel's grown one on her back too....must be something in the water...) and they're all rushing around like they've got somewhere to be. Mel takes me to 'lectures' and I get to stand up in front of a room of people and they ooooo and ahhhh and I'm feeling quite important. After some older people called 'profs' talk at us for awhile and I take another nap (some of the hump-backed people join me). When the profs finally stop, Mel lets some of the hump-backs scratch me behind the ears. Mel says we're going to be coming back a couple of times a week and if I'm nice and quiet and pay close attention to the profs, I might get a 'degree'. I don't know exactly what a 'degree' is but I hope it tastes like bacon.

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tirroth said...

mmmm bacon flavour degree. My favourite!