Friday, December 12, 2008

Library Blues

Hello again! Sorry its taken me so long to write another blog for you guys, Melissa has been hogging the computer doing "homework". Stupid homework. It takes up all my computer time and Mel doesn't pay any attention to me. HARUMPH!

You'll have to excuse my grumpiness, the past few weeks have been INCREDIBLY dull. Mel wakes me up bright and early and I'm all excited and ready to start the day! I wriggle with anticipation at the joy the day will bring! I dash through the house with my bear in my mouth grumbling away! But then she says those dreaded words. "Off to the library!" Sigh...

The library is the lamest place for a pup in the whole world. Its full of people but none of them so much as look in my direction. Its like their eyes are attached to the papers in front of them. I can hardly believe it, as I get noticed EVERYWHERE I go (handsome boy that I am). And its quiet. Incredibly quiet. Usually I can get away with a little grooming, and I really feel like I should, considering the yucky puddles Mel makes me walk through, but in the library I get busted! How can you hear a little lick?! Ugh...AAAAAND Mel won't bring any toys for me, heaven forbid I have a bit of fun, so I'm stuck lying under the table, looking out the window wistfully. I know its all part of my job, and Mel says I do really well at the library, but it can be a little tedious. Oh well. Mel says we only have to go a few more times and then she's off school for almost 3 weeks! Maybe we can spend EVERY SINGLE DAY at the dog park!!!!!!

In other news, we went to the PADS Volunteer Christmas Party a few nights ago and boy was it fun! Puppies everywhere, and lots of people who were eager to give me a few pats. I tried to be on my best behaviour, but sometimes I couldn't help but get a little excited. I think some people were mad at me for being so goofy, but I was just having so much fun! I know that when I'm out in public I'm supposed to be on my very best behaviour, but hey I'm a dog, I'm not perfect! Anyways, we met this weird looking man, dressed in lots of red velvet, and he kept yelling HO HO HO! He was a little strange, but most of us dogs seemed to think he was ok (maybe it was those cookies he gave to our handlers to give to us). All the people were quite enthralled with him. I did notice through the night that we were wearing the same outfit though...I guess people appreciate a dogs fashion sense after all!

I hope this blog will be a little more active once stupid Mel is done all her stupid homework. She seems to be taking an especially long time on an assignment called "Facebook". Hmmmm.....

Woof woof!!

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Nicole said...

Hey Linky
Leroy and i are happy to get out of the library too....although i think leroy really loves to sleep :)

We should all go to the park to celebrate that school is over for now.
Merry Christmas to u and Mel.
Nicole and Leroy