Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's a dog's life...

It happened...they left me. I didn't think much at first, a ride in Auntie Tara's van usually means a trip to the dog park, but this time Mike and Mel had packed bags and bags of stuff. There didn't seem to be anything for me except for a small plastic bag of deworming treatment and a small stuffed pony (MY pony to be precise) -- not that I'm ungrateful, but their bags looked far more interesting -- and really who wants to be dewormed??

We went for dinner, and that seemed ok, but then we pulled over at the side of the road where there were lots of cars, people, lights and airplanes roaring overhead and Mike and Mel left.

Tara says they went to Jamaica and left her too... so she knows how I feel (she sounds just a little bitter). So far it's ok, I get to live with Tara and the family -- and play with Maisie (just like I did when I was first a puppy-in-training - while Mike and Mel moved so they could raise ME!!) and her new little buddy Chai. The play is fun and very muddy - I've had too many baths and Tara says I need to stop sitting on Maisie because she's a wimp...

I've gone to work with Brian which involves the skytrain and downtown -- downtown is beautiful -- if you haven't been there GO!! Every door you pass has beautiful smells, and tempting delights inside. I was told that at work with Brian I had to be very good because they have only just started letting him bring a puppy-in-training to work. Brian said Maisie made a great first impression so I better not bark (or barf!) or doing something equally embarrasing to damage the rep of the average puppy-in-training (for fear that they might revoke his puppy priviledges).

Well, let me tell you, I aim to please!! I have been an angel, Brian has quite the setup - a cushy blanket under his desk, a water bowl, toys... when Mel gets home I'm telling her that I can have toys at the library and I won't grumblesnort...or growl...I'll just hold them ever so quietly and be perfectly behaved prince. So good in fact that the next volunteer orientation will have several people from Brian's workplace that think this puppy-raising thing looks like a whole lot of fun (and thanks to me and Maisie think that all PADS dogs are perfect!).

Today I have a day off with Tara and Maisie, we're hanging at home and a trip to Big Dog Little Dog Bakery was made for some peanut butter bits. Life is good...Jamaica can wait, I've got a dog's life here and it's pretty good!

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Barrett's mom said...

Wow, Link is such a handsome guy! He will be a heartbreak to give up. Goldens are my favorite and I really hope that I never get one as a puppy to raise because it would be so much harder! I love Barrett but Goldens are my heart breed. Good luck with him!